PBP2012: J is for Journaling

One of the big things I have found myself doing this year is going a bit deeper within.  This has been a year of engaging the shadow, opening up to our light, and one way to deepen this process is to journal.

Many of us keep journals, but I found that at times I hold back.  I haven’t gone deep enough at times.  The journal is also a way for us to capture our journey, our story, and our path.  I am also be big supporter of pen and paper journals.  There is power in the action of writing.  I can then choose to transfer what I’ve written later to the computer.   There is something powerful in not being able to hit the delete button.  Tangibility is also a powerful thing this year.  Being able to hold our words.  To open the book, and to equally “close the book” on parts of our lives that might be difficult or cause unease.

Journals are snapshots of our lives, our paths, our insights, and we get to see where we’ve been so that we can get clarity on where we “should” go.  I am really big on carrying a small pocket journal.  Being that my spiritual ADD is always keeping me divinely distracted, spirit has to grab me in the most random of times.  Having my journal in my back pocket allows direct access to the flow.  Yes, my cell phone as a task and note taking app, but it takes me more time to go into the app, open it, save it, and at times it gets lost if my phone glitches.  My pen and paper journal tends to not glitch, unless the ink spills, and even that becomes part of the journal entry.

Do you journal?  Do you just write or do you draw?  Do you have a separate journal for the different aspects of your life (magical, spiritual, personal, business)?  What does your journal look like?

I personally keep one for my ideas and insights, one of readings and channeling, and my tastes in journal span the spectrum. I also find my writing in a journal to be a tangible form of spirituality, its my words, and I can touch them.

I’m going to be doing a mini journaling challenge on my other blog:  www.deviantyogi.com next week.  Each day I’ll post a journaling prompt to help ground us into a practice of taking journaling a little deeper.  So, head over, subscribe, and be part of the journey.