It’s Time to Pay Up: Universal Contracts

Change is in the air… and not just because it is spring.  One of the beautiful things about my job is that I get a front row seat to the lives of others.  Normally, I might get to do one life path reading.  This is where someone is deciding to do something new, make a big change, or step in a new direction.  The majority of the other readings were the usual: money, love, job, etc.  Every week, I am seeing more and more people making massive changes.

The one common denominator in these changes is a move towards spirituality. People are looking to be of service, to connect to community, to be part of something and not just another cog in the machine.  I’ve seen doctors become painters, CEOs become writers, and people finally living their dreams both big and small.  I find a beauty in the finality of 2012.  What if it does all end?  How did you live your life?  Did you live it in joy and love, or are you anchored into tons of regret?  What would you change if you only had one more day, or a few more months?  At times it feels like the universe is calling in contracts that we made in the “in-between” life.   I am seeing people go through these rapid awakening cycles.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I am a firm believer that our purpose in this life is to just be happy.  The only thing we are required to do is breathe.  Everything else we do is a choice.  We can choose joy or sadness, love or hate, and everything in between.

Change can be incremental.  You don’t have to go out right this very moment and quit your job… unless you truly want to.  If you could do anything for the rest of your life, and be completely happy… what would it be?   Whats stopping you from doing it?   What steps can you take to get there?

We forget to dream.  It’s time to sit with a piece of paper and start dreaming.  If you have ever wanted to do anything with your life, but have held back… write it down. Let your imagination soar.  Clown college, starting a business, becoming a professional poet, etc.  If you are drawing a blank, even better.  Blank is a good starting point, it just means that you are allowing fear to block your outcome..

What do you feel your purpose is?  What did you come into this life to do?  Are you doing it?  If not, what would get you jump started in to making it a reality?

We’ll be going deeper in the coming weeks.   For now… get that paper/journal out and start dreaming.

Michael A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT