PBP2012: M is for Micro Meditations

I love meditation.  There is something beautiful about the sacredness of coming into that deep place of being.  When we are finally able to become still enough to align breath, intention and will.  Where we meditate can play into when we can meditate.  For many of us that are engaged in a spiritual journey we may have altar or sacred spaces we have designated as our meditation area.

If you are like me, you are most likely feeling this hectic energy that is pushing us in a multitude of directions.  Many of us are being called to service, and many others are finding their lives in the midst of chaotic energy.  I look towards my meditation corner longingly, but I at times neglect making time to  devote to sitting in front of my altar… What’s a busy mystic to do?

We have to find time to meditate in the moment.  I find that sacred space is constantly around me if I allow myself to tune into it.  Creating space in the moment is also important in allowing spirit/intuition/and inner guidance to step in.

These micro meditations can last a single breath or they can last several moments.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate, but we have to be able to let go of some greater prescription of what meditation has to be.  If you are not able to meditate for one breath, then how do you expect to be able to make that hour-long meditation work later in the day.  Meditation usually ends up on the cutting room floor at the end of a hectic day.

However, if you are adding micro meditations in throughout the day, you are allowing full integration of your practice and life experience.  We have to carve out those moments, otherwise many of us take on a bit of regret for not finding the time to meditate.

Take a look at your day.  When would you be able to squeeze in meditation?  Be creative.  I like using the crosswalks on the way home from work.  When the light is red and I am waiting, I tune fully into my breath.  I allow my mind to become still, and I focus on how red the “do not walk” sign is.  Once it changes I continue my journey home.

Share your micro meditations experiences  or ideas below!

Michael A Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT




The Changing Face of Spirituality

One of the beautiful things about my job is that I get a front row seat to the world of spirituality.  Managing a book store gives me access to not only what is entering the world, but what people are seeking.

“I’m spiritual, just not religious” is a common phase that is tossed around a lot these days.  I am seeing more and more people coming into a greater state of alignment with their own vibrations and this is causing them to question old patterns, ideas, and concepts.  Questioning the world around us is powerful. It is common ground that we can all reside in.  The beauty of life is all the unknown.  Even in debate and disagreement we are able to grow.  If we only sit at the table with people who share the same ideas and beliefs as us we only get more of the same.  It doesn’t mean we have to accept someone else’s reality, but it allows me to at least share in a moment.  Challenge is good.  Challenge allows for us to move through resistance.

For me, spirituality is about expansion and not limitation.  I am seeing so many people reaching across the aisle to connect with others.  We still have a lot of disruptive energy in the world around us and communities are coming together to respond to these shifts in consciousness.

We are becoming more active in our spirituality.  Yoga, Qi-gong, breath work, and nutrition have been areas I’ve seen a lot of people starting to come into alignment with.  We must honor the temple the soul resides in.  New energy is coming in constantly, and we need to be able to hold and channel that energy out to be of the highest service.

The new generation of light workers are awakening to their purpose.  We all are.  Latent healing and intuitive gifts are activating in everyone.  Many of us have felt some resistance in the shift.  Resistance is not always bad, but let your resistance open you to expansion and not limitation.  Do not let your fears get the best of you.

I’ve noticed many drifting into old places.  Others are drifting into the future.  We only truly have the singularity of one breath in any given moment.  Don’t take it for granted.  The past shapes us, and the future helps to guide us… remember that the destination is the road beneath us.

Find joy and appreciation in all that you do.  Even if you do not like your job, appreciate it.  The resistance you feel from going in to that place day after day will only inspire you to grow into new opportunity.  Everything can be “good” if you find the gift it is bringing you.  Upheaval is a state of cleansing.  The more we tune into our intuition daily the more we come into greater alignment with that divine flow.

What are you moving yourself into?  Where are the waters of the divine taking you?   What is your resistance?

Michaell A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT
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PBP2012: K is for Keepsakes

I am very tangible with my spirituality.  I love to anchor my growth in to tokens that I can place on my altar or hold to remind me of those moments.  I love tokens, totems, and reminders of faith.  With all the distractions that surround us, being able to hold a piece of your spiritual journey is powerful.  I’ve never much been a crafty person, but it has been an area that has called me as my journey has evolved.  I like to pick up stones from my walks, and if I have a spiritual moment on that walk, I’ll place that stone on my altar.

I feel we are living in a disconnected time, and even as spiritual workers we might find ourselves caught up in the busy nature of life.  There is much work that has to be done, and we need to remind ourselves to take a moment to appreciate the journey a bit.

There are also times when I give my students little medallions or stones during a class.  I feel that after a class the completion paperwork is nice, but having something a bit more tangible can help to remind us of the moment we took that next step.  I have a mala that I wear constantly.  I’ve worn it ever since I’ve stepped onto the path. It carries my energy, and has been through every up and down.  It is my constant connection to that first day.

If we look back to our youth, many of us had the teddy bear that was also our best friend… that toy that connected us to a place of safety.    What are your reminders?   Do you have tangible objects that take you back to moments of initiation,  graduation, or just a moment where life made sense?

If this is not something that you’ve tried, I’d recommend it.  I find beauty in being able to physically touch those moments of spiritual connection. To hold my faith deeply in my hands.

Michael A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT

Psychic Medium/ Modern Mystic