Tuesday Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tips 1/31/2012

The goal this week is to eliminate some stress from our fitness journey.  Here are your Tuesday Tips!

Spiritual Fitness: So, one of the things that keeps most people from engaging in fitness is not knowing how to structure a proper workout.  Start simple.  I am going to list a few, easy to do exercises and quick routine that you can do anytime.  OBW=Own Body Weight exercises are the best for overall conditioning, strength, and weight loss.  OBW exercises should be included in any routine whether or not you use the gym or are just workout at home.  A lot of gym folks forget to include these very important exercises.  Here is an online guide that you can reference for exercise ideas:


Here are a list of a few of my personal favorites:

1) Push ups.  These are a classic full body exercise.  The entire body is engaged, the core is working to stabilize the body, and you do not need to very many to get the body moving.  There are literally hundreds of variations to the push up.  So, you can choose the ones that suit you.  The biggest precaution is to keep your lower back from swaying down.  Keep your navel engaged and pulled towards the spine.  You can even do modified versions of the push up to remove pressure from the lumbar, or from the shoulders depending on your personal limitations.

2) Squats:  These are another easy to do exercise.  One of the misconceptions with squats is that you have to bring your rear all the way to the ground, the moment your quadriceps engage you are doing a squat.  There are also hundreds of squat variations.  You can point your toes out, in, legs wide, narrow, etc.

3) Planks:  Holding the up position of the push up and resting in this position engages the core fully.  There are also a variety of plank variations you can do to add some variety to your core training.  You will feel this through the entire body.  A strong core will keep your protected from injury, it strengthens your muscles, and you actually burn fat because all of the body is in calorie burn mode.

These are just 3 simple exercises, but the fact that each has endless variations means that you can constantly keep your workout fresh and exciting, but also simple and quick

Here is a quick and easy routine that should not take more than 5-10 min to do:

1) Hold plan position for 10 seconds

2) 5 push ups

3) Hold plank for 10 seconds

3) 5 push ups

4) Stand up and do 10 squats, and 10 jumping jacks

5) 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks

Now repeat the entire sequence for as many cycles as you want.

Nutrition: The dreaded “cheat day”.  When transitioning ourselves to a healthier way of eating we often will eliminate everything from our diets right away.  For some this just means that we’ll be sneaking those cupcakes when no one is looking.  If you give yourself one day a month, or one day a week that you allow yourself some leeway.  This allows you to enjoy dessert when you go out with family, and puts you in a positive relationship with the food that you at one time may have had a negative relationship with.  Being in control allows you to decide when and how much you will take in vs that dessert taking control of you through emotional eating.  One thing to keep in  mind is that nutrition requires structure.  Keep a food journal and a log of what you are putting in your body.  In your journal include a calendar of days that you will be going out to eat, and days that you are going to have your “cheat”.  This way you can create structure in your caloric intakes through the week.

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT