2012: Connection, Expectation and Personal Growth


We have finally arrived in 2012.  The energy of this year is very tactile.  You can almost feel it swirling around you.   I had the joy of starting off this year at my shop’s psychic fair.  Through each reading that was given, I was able to see a glimpse into what we could all expect in this coming year.  This is a year of expectation.  2012 in its on right, carries a legion of attachments: end of the world, ascension, light workers awakening, transition to 5th dimensional energy, and nothing at all.  Regardless of where we end up, we have to make the best of each moment in this time and space.  There are things that are continuing to shift that are beyond our grasp and comprehension.  What we can do is live into our paths fully, to make it the best possible year.  This is also a “me” year.  Many people will be stepping into their own energies and into their own paths.  We need to set our direction and follow it fully.  You must watch where your thoughts are taking you.  Those that start this year in an energy of deceit and transgression will have a harder time fully realizing their potential moving into the year.   We must fully step into our roles as healers, light workers, and beings of light.  Clouding ourselves with disconnection and negative attachments will only anchor us into energy that will be much harder to let go of this year.  We must remain clear of what our path is, what our goals are and work towards achieving them.  The energy will be moving quickly this year, and it will feel as if you are moving at 100 mph–because you are.  Do not let time pass you by without seeing your goals come to light.  Create and connect with soul groups, live in your artistic vibrations, be the person you have always wanted to be.

Those that will choose to align with darker vibrations and energies will also become more prevalent this year.  You will see them come forward, try to take power, and limit the experiences of peace.  We must shine and refuse to let our light be diminished or dampened.  You mush allow yourself to fully and fiercely be present in each and every experience.  Do not let the negative vibrations of those around you limit this connection.  Breathe in each moment fully, Breath out those that wish to limit your experience, regain control of your personal power, allow your breath to move you, and do not stop until you have arrived.

There is a lot that will change this year, do not hold too tightly to experiences, people, or things–they will only anchor you into their own vibration and karma.  2012 is finally here, make it the best.

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT