The End is Near: Using 2012 Energy for Creation

The end is near, the end is near!  Well, here we are… in the most talked about year of our time, and there is not doubt that energy is changing and shifting around us. For some it will feel as if time is moving at an accelerated rate, and others will feel the pressure of trying to free themselves from last year’s anchors.  Regardless of where you are and what you believe will happen this year, it really is the best time to create the life you have always wanted.  There is accelerated growth opportunities for everyone, but we can’t be complacent and just let the opportunities pass us by.  So, the purpose of this post is not to discuss what will, or will not happen (or the million of scenarios), but o allow us to examine where we are through the lens of “an ending”.

Let’s assume for a moment that the end is coming on Dec 21st of this year.  That means that you have 11 months to really create the best possible life, why not go out with a bang, and if there is a day that follows, you’ll have done the work to continue moving into your goals.  Having certain doom looming over us does not have to be a scary thing, nor should you feed into fear.  Trust your intuition, trust your connection to source, and be prepared.

In the end, we all face a transition to a different energetic space–it could be death, or the world itself ending, either way why continue to wait to show up to your life.  Live with purpose, live fully, and engage your experience fiercely.  The beautiful part about doing readings and seeing others connect into their paths is seeing the joy they find with finally living in their own energy.  When we release ourselves from the expectations of others, society, or the ones we place on our own spirits we are able to fly.

Take a moment and follow these simple steps towards manifesting through the 2012 energy:

Write these down, create lists, and visit them often.

1)  If the world were going to end tomorrow, are there things that you wish you could have done, accomplished, said, experienced?

2) What is holding you back from fully engaging your life right now?

3) What can you do to release your anchors (past negative experiences, patterns, negative behaviors, habits)— Be simple, and forgiving with this step.  We do not want to hold onto guilt, nor do we want to create something new to bind us.  Just give yourself a simple action step towards elimination (ex: if smoking is holding you back from achieving health– reduce the amount).

4) What are the lessons that you’ve learned about yourself from your past experiences?

5) What are you going to do– TODAY– to make your dreams one step closer to becoming a reality?   It can be as simple as visualizing them as becoming part of your experience, or as involved as stepping into a new life.  Give yourself permission to engage the imagination.


These steps are basic, but they are powerful ways of starting a process of engaging your life.  It should not take a cataclysm to push you into living fully, but if it will motivate you, then use it to create–not to be fearful.

I’ll post more specifics on manifesting, connecting to your true self, and what you can do to engage this experience on all levels.

As always feel free to comment, ask questions, or contact me directly.

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT