Giving from the Heart This Holiday

I was driving to the Celebration Center to do some writing, and I drove by a Best Buy at 5 PM and there was already a line forming outside- which means these people will be waiting nearly 12 hours to be first in line for the goodies of their choice.  I can truly understand the want to get the best deal, especially in a time where many of us are stretching our dollars.  Do not forget though that too often we overlook the gifts we have right in front of us.  I can be many of you only need to look around your house to see many holidays of yesteryear staring back at you in the form of dust collecting former gifts.

The gifts that we give from the heart tend to be the ones that are held onto the longest.  Simplicity often times last longer than extravagance.  When is the last time you gave from the heart?  What is something that you would like to receive that is not material?

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing?

1) Write poetry for the people in your life.  Create artwork for them.

2) Donate to a charity in their name.

3) Give someone a journal

4) If you are giving a purchased gift:  Make the card yourself

5) Scan or copy old photos, write fond memories down in a journal

6) Offer to help with chores, offer to babysit for an evening, offer to cook a dinner

The list can go on, and on….


So, here is my gift to you for the holidays.  Every person that posts one of the following in the comment section below will receive a 15 Min intuitive reading from yours truly.

What are some of your ideas for giving from the heart?

What are some things that you would like to receive that are non-material?


Love and Light to you all,




7 thoughts on “Giving from the Heart This Holiday

  1. Today I helped sweep up the leaves and set out Christmas decorations for my grandmother. Since I don’t get to see her very often, I was more than happy to do those things for her. If I could ask for anything non-material it would be to have a stress free holiday season or to find someone special.

  2. Mike and Byrum, you made excellent suggestions and really got me thinking. About an hour ago my family was watching the news. Several charity events around Asheville focused on helping those less fortunate on this day of “thanks”. (Unfortunately, the sad fate of the turkey being served was never mentioned….) It occured to me that these big volunteer turnouts and the news that focused upon them really only happen once or twice a year. Perhaps what we can most give our loved ones is not our presents but our presence…being fully “there”, which often means active listening (or perhaps sitting in silence outdoors or at someone’s bedside)….and not JUST on the holidays….THEN we might be in more of a position to discern what they really want to receive.

    • I agree Bryan. We too often give only when it is dictated by a holiday vs. making everyday an act of giving. There is so much we can do for others- even the simply act of saying thank you to the check out clerk can have a profound impact.

  3. I lost my grandmother a little over a year ago in a courageous battle fought against cancer. Since I’m the most technically apt in the family, I took all the old photos (from the 30s to a month before she died) and scanned them in, restored them, and put them all on DVD for the three living daughters and the 5 grandkids, and 20 great-grand children. This way, in a small way, she will never be forgotten. She taught me that it’s okay to love unconditionally, it’s okay to be “different” and that just because one is “different” doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of every bit of love that can be given. I miss her greatly. Now, I’m in the process of collecting an oral history from my mom and aunts, and from the four other grandchildren to be compiled into a book about her life.

    • Wow John, Great post! I actually bought a journal for my mother today so that we can start writing down her story. One of the few regrets that I have is that we never wrote down all those wonderful stories that my Grandmother would tell us.

  4. Hello Mikey B…..I have so much to be thankful for….you know I don’t have lots of money to buy things…but it happened that last weekend I had $60 in my purse from taking back two things that I had decided that I REALLY did not need….and could use the money elsewhere, well a friend who recently found out his wife wants a divorce was going to Ohio for Thanksgiving with his 3y/o son and she had partially cleaned out the bank account making it more difficult for him to go see his parents, so instead of holding on to the money I gave him the $60 with no conditions of repayment, as I knew he was already embarresed as it was. I don’t expect to get it back, I consider it a gift. So he was able to make the trip with that extra money it gave him enough with what he had to have enough gas and food money to get there. I’m sure his parents will help him with money to get back….he really needed to go to get away and I felt it was so important to him. It was more important for him to make that trip to spend time with his parents and have some quiet time then for me to have that $60.00 Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends….unconditional…..

    • Here is my gift to my family – to keep the “Grateful Book” alive and remember to write something in it each day, whether profound or silly.

      Here is my gift to others – I vow to strive to be my authentic self and all that that entails.

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