Setting Our Intentions for the New Year

One year is quickly coming to an end and a new one quickly approaches. What do you want out of life in 2010?  How do you want to evolve, change, or grow? Or do you like where you are?

Most of us go through our yearly check off list: Lose weight, give up bad habits, etc….

Make this year about being of service to others.  This year ask yourself what you can do to bring joy and happiness to others.  It can be something simple like helping a friend out that needs someone to watch their kids, or it can be as elaborate as a volunteering at a homeless shelter.

This is also a great time to turn inwards and to connect with ourselves.  There are those of us that tend to overextend ourselves and our energy.  We give and never receive.  Take time to heal, to grow, and to be in your own energy every now and then.  I’ve met one of the most amazing gurus while here in SC- My 4 year old niece.  She handed me a crayola marker, and told me I had to draw with her.  I’ll admit, it felt silly at first… then an hour into it I had forgotten about the world around me, and connected with inner child.  We can learn a lot when we let go, and just be.


Namaste to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday!