Poem flow, little raw… but, it is…what it is. :-)

Each day I wake up to the beauty of an every expanding moment, an ever-expanding opportunity to be part of this great big inhale…  we breath in moments of glory, let us exhale moment of love…. we breath in moments of pain… let us breath out moments of salvation… we breath in moments of loneliness… let us breath out oneness… ONE singular breath meditating to the heartbeat of the Earth, because even-though we’ve done so much to kill her, she’s still breathing, believing that one day we will change, believing in us, even when we’ve given up on each other…  The sun wakes up each morning just to kiss your cheeks, the sky sometimes cries because we forget how beautiful we are… and we are beautiful.  When you look in the mirror who do you see looking back at you… look beyond the flesh and the many broken things that litter our front yards… and sometimes it takes more than a coat of fresh paint for us to feel beautiful… but we are beautiful.  And if mother earth can keep carrying us on her back and father sun can keep kissing our cheeks… we have to believe that somewhere down the road, we will start believing in us to….

A Personal Story of a 10 Year Journey by David Salisbury

The air was cool but fast, as it whipped through the woods on a clear early-December sky. The soft waves of the stream brushed up against the rocks. Some of its cold droplets fell on a collection of small cloth and paper nearby. The young boy took in the scents and sounds of the chilled woods around him. Inhaling deeply, savoring each cleansing breath, just as the book instructed him. As he found his place of center, looking upward he began the words. “I dedicate myself, in this place that is not a place, in this time that is not a time, between the worlds but in all the worlds.” Pausing to breathe again he continued, “I dedicate myself, with perfect love and trust, with honor and reverence, to the great spirit which animates all things: earth, air, fire, and water”. The boy uncapped a small vile of sweet scented oil and anointed his forehead, then wrists. “By the earth that is her body, by the air that is her breath, by the fire of her living spirit”. He let out one last exhale…”So mote it be”. The boy closed his eyes and felt the wind whip up, stronger, and with more intention blowing out the small candles of the circle. The branches of the tree’s whistled and sang. The woods were speaking. Everything was alive, vibrating with energy and life. Connected, in tune, and with purpose.

And so began my journey on the path of The Goddess, the path of the Witch. It is hard to believe that ten years has gone by since that December evening, the night of my “Dedication” to the Old Ways, as we call it. It is hard to say exactly what called me to this religion. I don’t think I chose it, I think it chose me. I didn’t know many others, save for a few who pointed me in the right direction when I wanted to learn. I just knew that there was something “more”. I was always fascinated with spiritual things. I prayed and attended Christian youth groups as it honestly did interest me in general, but there was no connection. Religion means alignment and connection, and I didn’t feel like I was aligning myself with anything. I would best describe my past practices and spiritual upbringing as “worshipping air”. There was no substance, no form for me. I craved more.

I was lucky enough to have a series of people  placed into my life at that time to point me in the right direction. Sure, Wicca was pretty widely accepted ten year ago but so much has changed. Information placed on the internet was usually sketchy and it was difficult to discern what information you could trust. Add to that the fact that I had to save up my $1.25 lunch money for books, and you can imagine my frustrations. School life made things very difficult. I even had a teacher in the 7th grade who confiscated a copy of “Teen Witch” by Silver Ravenwolf (one of my very first books) calling it “inappropriate reading material”. God forbid something teaching a youngster about personal responsibility and respect for nature be read in the classroom! Then the classmate taunting. Oh how cruel children can be. The death threats quoting scripture referring to Pagans deserving death poured in. It was more like a 90’s inquisition than a school. When I defended myself with words, I was put in detention from other kids claiming I had “threatened to curse them”. Yes, that really did happen once. But I persevered. I learned about metal exercises designed to deflect negative energy, to bind harm, and to heal my emotions. Over time, their words lost power and I regained my own.

As mother read more and became more comfortable with my new “thing”, I was able to start developing a daily practice and reach out to the Pagan community. For awhile I attended “Teen Wiccan Wisdom”, a Charlotte-based youth group for Pagan teens sponsored by Shamans of the Willow Moon Coven. Through them, I learned about disciplined study, ritual work, and using my religious beliefs to help me grow into a responsible, compassionate young adult.

Into high school the hardships varied and we’re less intense than middle school. I was able to handle things much better. I was starting to realize that the opinions of others didn’t matter to me and that my connection with myself and the divine was what needed to be made a priority. The “personal responsibility” aspect of the craft really came into play here. And through it all, I emerged with many different career ideas, ready to take on the world. The magick did help too. Memory augmentation charms for exams, spells of truth and discernment in dealing with tough relationships, things like that.

My understanding of magick now-as a daily art and science-is much different. I find now that everything is magickal and has very different sides. I no longer see the world as black and white and either “cruel or kind”. The experience of working with this energy has taught me that there are so many different layers and aspects to things. I know now that when seemingly “bad” things happen to me, it isn’t because something hates me or I did something wrong. I think of it in terms of the goddess Brighid. She forges the steel of being in her cosmic “flame”, bettering her skill and tools. When I am “thrown into the fire”, something is being transformed for the better in it. It’s that process of hardship that refines, that polishes away all the extra “stuff” so I can shine. That is probably one of the deepest and most valuable things that Witchcraft has brought me to understand.

The community has been kind to me. Through the years I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and being in circle with some prominent Pagan elders in our community like Starhawk, Dorothy Morrison, Christopher Penczak, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone, and Jamie Wood. I’ve been on radio shows, had articles published, and am pleased to announce I’m working on a book (once I nail down a publishing agent). It’s been such a joyous experience and I can hardly believe how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve changed. As I go forward and past my 20’s, I’m looking forward to another 10 years of magick, mystery, and growth. Sure, I may burn some potions along the way and there may be times when I fall off the broomstick, but I know now how to get right back on it again.

I have so much to be thankful for. My life is so much richer and filled with so much more substance than I could have ever imagined. I feel and experience the divine in everything I do now. It’s in the subway on my morning commute and it’s in my dreams when I fall asleep. There’s a known Wiccan proverb that says “She [the Goddess] changes everything She Touches. Everything She touches changes”. And she has. May I always be changed, may I always be transformed, and may the world be a better place because of it. Here’s to 10 more years and beyond.

Blessed Be

A Glimpse of The Future By Michael H. Jackson

We all know that the earth is going to ascend in the future, that the entire population is going to undergo a tremendous spiritual transformation, but what is the near future going to be like, taking us from where we are now to full ascension? Based on my conversations with the Ascended Masters and on my own intuition here is a sample of what I believe we can expect in the near future.

For a time yet we will be going through a healing process. Our healing is basically in three areas. Relationships, abundance, physical and mental health. Those are the areas we’re most concerned with. As we experience that we are part of God we will send signals out to the universe, literal energy impulses that say “I AM One with God, I have all that God has, all that God is, available to me. I have constant unlimited wealth, abundance, money, good health, perfect relationships flowing to me all the time.” And the Universe will serve up to us on a magical golden platter all of these things beyond our fondest desires.

If you think this is unrealistic, remember that we create our reality at every step of the way. How can the energy of God be limited to the restriction of a hard, rough, unpleasant lengthy process? The answer is that it can’t unless we make it so. We learn that healing is quick and joyous, we take ourselves through our changes rapidly and joyfully. Then what?

Then you begin to enjoy all that God is within you. You fulfill your financial desires. Suddenly you finally have enough to meet your everyday needs and if something unexpected crops up, you have enough to cover that too. You now have more than enough money energy to give to yourself and all your family and friends. No one that you are close to has any further financial burdens or debts. Not only that, since you have discovered that you now send out only signals of wealth, prosperity and abundance, you will likely wish to teach all your friends to whom you have given so generously how to do the same thing.

Together each of you have the ability to fulfill all the dreams you have ever wanted. In addition to all the fun stuff like new house and car (which you won’t be using very long) you will be able to fund the healing center you have always wanted to set up. As your prosperity consciousness spreads, all over the country and the world healing centers spring up as others learn to create prosperity as you have done.

Maybe you fund that all natural organic bread bakery you always wanted in your town or neighborhood. You enable all those folks who want nothing more than to live a fulfilled life as a farmer to have all they need to grow the wheat and oats organically to sell to your bakery. Now we are getting back to what many have said is an excellent life – that of produce and services being provided on a local level by happy, prosperous friends, all working harmoniously together.

As prosperity consciousness spreads, you are living in a country and eventually a world where everyone is increasingly getting it that they ARE prosperous and you begin to breathe that prosperous energy in with every breath you take. You wake up each morning and breathe in the rich vibration of health and happiness. The air feels good, your cats and dogs are happy and healthy. You create homes for so-called stray animals where they can live healthy, safe, prosperous lives and those who love animals to the utmost and want their highest good are the ones who now can take care of and work with the animals full time.

Everyone as a result of their prosperity consciousness finds themselves landing right where they should be, performing the very activities that not only give them the utmost happiness but are the very activities that God put them here on Earth to perform which means that each soul is expressing their own unique talents and gifts straight from their God Self.

That God Self begins to glow from within. There are those who literally begin to shine with the God Light from within. Our health issues begin to be resolved. We look within and literally see the energy which has created lack of health on a physical level. We look within, see what is causing the problem and change it through application of our innate God Essence energy applied to transmute and totally replace the misqualified energy. Now our health is becoming perfect. Our bodies look however we want them to, for they are now a true out picturing of our inner Love for the God and Goddess that we are. We are no longer held back by physical, emotional or mental limitations.

Remember earlier when I said that the new car you buy with your physical abundance you might not use very long? Well, in this wonderful upsurging of God energy coming forth from increasing numbers of people, some bright soul is going to invent a totally pollution free car. Eventually, someone is going to be perceiving on the level of Universal energy and will remember how to harness Universal energy to power our autos and everything else.

Let’s explore this a bit. God is everywhere, so what we are doing with the ascension experience is simply returning to the reality that actually IS instead of the false realities we have been creating all this time on earth. We use the essence of God for every purpose, and we are doing it consciously and in harmony with God’s Divine Desire for our happiness. No surprise then that we can operate our motor vehicles with God power. We maybe at first have some sort of crystal or other physical object that will seem to draw the energy into the car. No oil, no gas, no transmission fluid.

This means that the balance of power will shift in the world. The oil rich nations will have to look to their connection to God for their sustenance rather than to the oil in the ground. All the people who work in the fossil fuels industry will have the joy to look for their true life purpose and find their passion in life. Perhaps they will go to some schools that have been established for that very purpose. Schools that help people understand that their goodness and wealth rests inside of them, in their Unity with God/Goddess within them. They will learn that they are special and have something special to offer to the universe and they will set about doing just that.

Universal energy will now power diesel trucks, airplanes, jets and all forms of boats. Our homes will each have a crystal within it enabling us to heat and cool and run our appliances off Universal love energy from God. This of course means that all the people who formerly worked in the energy creation industry will have a lot of work to do – removing all the unnecessary and unsightly poles, transmission towers, electric wires and so on. Then they can go to the aforementioned life purpose schools or maybe schools where they will learn to harness and become one with their own I AM Presence.

Large corporations will have a division devoted to assisting each and every employee in finding their life purpose and right livelihood. Sounds too good to be true, but it will happen. These corporations will also have as their highest priority to assist each employee and each customer or client in achieving prosperity, healing and happiness. These companies will set about eliminating all forms of pollution that they have previously been responsible for creating.

Our telephones will run off universal energy so there will be no need for microwave cell phone towers. We will simply pick up the phone, think of the person and their phone will ring. Everything in God becomes simple and miraculous at the same time.

Now our skies are clearing because there is no more fossil fuel being burned in any form to create pollution. There are lots of great movies to see because all the producers and directors are creating positive films that assist us with our ascension process. There are lots of gatherings and celebrations where everyone is filled with joy and plans are made and carried out to assist those who are still struggling in the world.

Our military will be used to create peace throughout the world. Perhaps they will be trained in the healing arts! Our marines, air force, navy and army all become a great healing force sent around the world to assist others in creating oneness with God and healing the ills they currently suffer. Military weaponry will be dismantled and where possible recycled using the metals, plastics and other components to build positive things.

Our animals will be loved and cared for, each having plenty to eat and comfortable places to live. We will be communicating with them easily and clearly and we will be able to discern those animals who are actually angels and devas incarnated for our healing and teaching and we will assist them in their purpose. We will understand that animals are all filled with God’s Light just as we are, and gradually we will not only stop killing them but they will stop killing each other. Their energies will become complete until every soul is one with God.

There will be those who go around the globe healing and cleansing the earth from the unpleasant energy that has been created for ages. There will be a great decrease in violent weather since storms are simply caused by angels and devas who are called upon to cleanse and heal the negative energies that humans have created. This will free the devas from their sleep and allow them to return to their full power. Everywhere across the world the land and waters will become blissful, each area returning to the fullness of God energy that it has always had in a potential form.

Angels and devas will become much more obvious. They will show themselves much more only because there will be more who are able to see them as they truly are. They and we will work together to cleanse this world of all its mental/emotional pollution which is the cause of all physical pollution. At this point many will be coming for healing and to understand how those of us who have become so happy and wealthy have achieved our Light. We will teach them, they will give up their stress to pursue the creation of Unity with God.

Long before all this happens the leadership of our world will be changed. The politicians we currently have will be supplanted by those who are actively becoming one with God, men and women who will not tolerate waste of the Earth’s resources, nor the back room deals and secret policies that our current leaders are so fond of. They will be examples for those who wonder what kinds of lives to lead and they will create policies of love for all the world in trade and loving assistance to other nations as well as creating solutions to the difficulties at home. Teams of great healers will be sent to places that still create trouble for themselves to lead the people there in creating their bliss with God and in giving the leaders there a different example to follow.

At this point many will be ascending into the fourth dimension. Our physical bodies are perfect, no more illness. Our desires are spontaneously and easily fulfilled. We are beginning to manifest deeper knowledge of the Light from which we come and of which we are made. Some of us are going on into the fifth and six dimensions. Here the body becomes Pure Light. We will be manifesting all the wonderful abilities: walking through solid objects, flying, teleportation, being able to merge with the essence of any form.

All Earth changes will occur simply as a function of Mother Earth shifting to reflect the greater spiritual essence that we now all participate in and are examples of. Rather than being traumatic the changes will be celebrated and many of us will be called upon to help with those changes by contributing our God Energy to the project of altering the Earth to Her new alignment.

The ancient knowledge and energy of Lemuria and other truly enlightened civilizations will re-manifest upon our planet. Ancient records will be revealed and Temples will be formed on the site where the Etheric Temples now exist. Eventually the physical substance of these Temples will become Pure Etheric substance. Yes, life is going to be quite a bit of fun and we didn’t even talk about traveling to other dimensions and parts of this galaxy and universe at will with the blink of a thought!

I am an energy healer, intuitive, spiritual teacher and channel for the Ascended  Masters, angels and Archangels. I can assist people in recognizing themselves as energy, the energy of Pure Awareness, the energy of the Divine. This living intelligent energy is the unlimited power to create your desires and live in harmony and the comfort of unity with your Divine Self. Its my job to help you access your power and this comfort of life.

For more information on Michael please visit:

www.celebrationcentersc.com or call  803-767-7617

Great Quote

Those who don’t feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don’t drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don’t want to change,
let them sleep.
This Love is beyond the study of theology,
that old trickery and hypocrisy.
If you want to improve your mind that way,
sleep on.
I’ve given up on my brain.
I’ve torn the cloth to shreds
and thrown it away.
If you’re not completely naked,
wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you,
and sleep.
– Rumi

Our First Group Meditation!

It is a rainy night here in South Carolina.  I’m sitting in the Celebration Center, surrounded by beautiful salt lamps, listening to the sound of rain hit the windows… so it really was the perfect night for focusing on peace and connecting with others. I appreciate those that called into tonight and for participating in our test run!  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the line in the future.  I was not able to record the mediation this evening, but will try and record one this week to carry us until next monday.


Much love to you all!


Thank you for keeping this growing!