PBP2012: “G”- Growth

When most of us first step onto our divine space we do so hoping to get somewhere.  We begin by planing seeds that we hope will take shape as we water them our love, and shine our light into our inner being.   We move through our practice building momentum and we move, but where are we moving towards, and how do we gauge our growth in that space?  As a yoga teacher I have the joy of watching my students grow into their practice.  They show up, they try, they challenge themselves, and then the inevitable statement: “But I don’t feel like I’m making progress” echos from the depth of someone’s being.  Often times we engage in practice without a goal.  Ascending might be a tough goal to try to reach for tomorrow (but if you are able to do it, send us an astral email and let us know about all the cool restaurants).   The idea is that when we move without having a plan, we may find it harder to gauge where we are on our scale of growth.  Is your goal to begin a physical practice?  Is your goal to do a ritual you have never tried?  Having something to drive towards is our first step in moving towards growth, the next step is growing into new roles within your practice, community, or connection.  Students eventually become teachers, teachers become mentors, and we move into greater states of connection and learning.  As our practice evolves, it is up to us to also evolve and to grow.  We have to reach our arms up towards divinity and let the light move us forward into greater states of movement.  When we grow, we make space for those coming down the road behind us to step into new position.

Where is your growth currently?  What are you striving towards?  What is the next step/phase/position that you are moving towards? What seeds are you planting in your life?


Michael A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT