Tuesday Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tips: 3/13/2012

Here are your Tuesday Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tips!

Fitness:  Try something new!  The seasons are finally starting to change, and as it warms up its time to get ourselves back in gear.  Break free from old patterns by trying something new and different.  Shaking up our routines a bit can make things interesting and open us up to possibilities within our fitness path.  Trying group fitness classes, doing a trial at a gym if you’ve never done one, taking a dance class, getting a fitness oriented video game, or my personal favorite–Any DVD by Jillian Michaels.  Even just getting outside and exploring, taking a longer route to work, or even sitting outside for meditation instead of doing it all inside.  Deepen your connection to your path by trying something you’ve never done before.  Start by making a small list of things you might want to try, and begin at the top and work your way down!  Look for free events where possible, and many gyms/studios/etc offer discounted trials and drop in rates.

Nutrition:  Try something new!  If you have never tried being vegetarian, give it a go.  If you are vegan, try raw.  If you are raw, well… try fruits and veggie combinations you might not have tried before.  No matter where we are we can take a step in new directions.  Look for the most unusual fruit you can find, sample it.  Look up the nutritional information for it, and thing of ways to integrate it into eating plan.  Adding one new fruit or veggie a week can spice up your diet, and it gets the creative juices flowing.  Learning about the foods you are eating allows a deeper connection to them.