Changes, Classes, and Crazy Energy

Did anyone get the licence plate on the bus?!

There is crazy energy in the air.  We are going through several retrograding plantes, solar flares, and season changes.  So, what does one do during all the craziness?

We change!

Change and growth really are the theme of the year, and I’m also going to be making some big changes to my blogs, my website, and just to lots of things in general.  I’m working towards taking things to the next level.  My goal is to be of greater service to everyone.  I’m focusing my time, my energy and breaking through stagnation.

Here are a few upcoming changes: (this site that you are currently reading):  Is going to still be the hub for all things spiritual.  I’ll be posting:

  • Book Reviews
  • channeling/Daily Readings
  • Predictions
  • Vblogs regarding some of the changes coming up
  • Pagan Blog Project Posts
  • Guest posts from psychics, pagans, activists, and those involved in the community.  This will be the hub for all things Yoga, Spirituality of Fitness, and more edgy spiritual discussions:

  • Yoga Videos and Online Classes hosted by ME!
  • Spirituality of Fitness Tips, Routines, and Diet Plans
  • Intersection of Yoga and my love for Hoodoo
  • Articles on my combination of these two very different traditions
  • Recipes and ordering information for my Yogic Blends/Oils  This is my main site. I’ll be updating my appearances, classes, upcoming events, and news.  You can also submit payment for readings, sessions, and classes through this site.  It also gives a run down of many of the classes and services that I offer.


That’s just a few things that are in the works.  Here is my current class schedule for the DC Area:


Mondays and Fridays 9:30 AM:  Hatha Yoga (75min class) at Golden Heart Yoga DC.   Click to get directions and to come out for a class. (Cost 15.00/drop in)

Mondays 6:30 PM: Bears Do Yoga (60 min class).  This class is FREE and open to all those in that want to share in the local yogic community.  LGBTQS Friendly, and is a mixed level class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in April I’ll be teaching a 6:30am Sunrise Yoga class at Golden Heart Yoga DC.  See above for link.


March 30th:  Soul Interaction Meetup Group.  We will be having an engaging soul based meditation followed by lessons in channeling and mediumship.  Click the link to join the group and to get information on class location

April 28th: Reiki Class at Sacred Circle Books in Old Town Alexandria.  Call 703-299-9309 to register or for more information


Stay tuned… More to come!


Mike Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT