Health and Gratitude by David Salisbury

After a couple recent health scares (I’m fine), I was shocked into the realization of how fragile our bodies are, yet also how strong the Creator has made them. Much like our other-body (the soul), the physical body requires a delicacy and a strength to maintain a balance. I believe that when that balance is achieved, we can call it “total health”. Even if you aren’t in the best state of physical health, you are still breathing. You still have the sacred air flowing through your lungs that keeps your feet set upon this Earth until it is time to take flight and depart. So with that, I offer up this prayer of thanks for health and life:

“Holy Mother, Divine Protectress;
you who weave and spin the fabric and fate of my life,
I send you prayers of gratitude and thanks.
What no human ear could hear, you heard
What no human eyes could see, you saw
and like no human hands could do, you touched and transformed.
Thank you for the balance of my three bodies in one
Thank you for my breath, for my blood, for my bones.
Like holy waters returning to the mouth of the river, my heart pumps a song, blood of my ancestors singing, dancing, in praise of you.
Divine Mother, thank you for being with me in everything I encounter.

Blessed Be”

Remember to hem your blessings with gratitude, lest they become unraveled. What are you thankful for?