Transformation, Taking Charge: Being the Butterfly

Not sure what is in the air, but it seems like everyone is going through some sort of transition, change, or shifting.   Even those of us that are in a place of spiritual connection are feeling the effects of global energy.  I personally am taking some steps to adjust my life into a state of preparation for the changes that are coming.  It is time that we take back our power, detach from negativity and learn to communicate with our divine nature.   I am going to share my process for the next week with you for a couple of reasons.  First, it holds me to a greater level of responsibility:  The better I am, the better I can be for those that I am of service to.  Secondly, it give you a process that you can take from if you are looking to develop a greater connection to your path.

I am taking 7 days to ground, reconnect, transition, and move back to center.

1)  I am fasting.  In the non-traditional way:  I am eating lentils, rice, raw veggies, water and tea (decaf)– no food after 8pm.

2)  I am going to bed each night at 11:00 pm.

3)  I am waking up each morning at 4:30 am for meditation, prayer and for my cardiovascular workout.  For the yoga I am doing a 27-54 sun salutation repetition.  Each day for the 7 days I am doing a focused meditation on a specific topic, and for that day will use a directed mantra for my prayer.

4)  I am doing a structured evening 60-90 min yoga flow.

5) I am eliminating all sugars, processed foods, caffeine (ugh) and filling my body with as much goodness as I can.

6)  I am going to write at least 1 poem a day, and journal my experience throughout the day.

7) I will do deep spiritual connection and readings for myself, my locale, and global (a few of which I will post here)

Next Sunday I am doing a 24 hour day of silent meditation, reflection and prayer.  I will not speak for the 24 hr time period (4:30 am Sunday-4:30 am Monday).  I will do yoga, silent prayer, and am planning a walk through a local nature trail.

These are just a few of the things I am doing, and I am doing a minimum of 7 days.   I could stretch it out do longer, but it will not be any less that this.

When is the last time you’ve connected spiritually to your path?  What sacrifices are you willing to make to dive deeper into your life, path, and soul work?