Our First Group Meditation!

It is a rainy night here in South Carolina.  I’m sitting in the Celebration Center, surrounded by beautiful salt lamps, listening to the sound of rain hit the windows… so it really was the perfect night for focusing on peace and connecting with others. I appreciate those that called into tonight and for participating in our test run!  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the line in the future.  I was not able to record the mediation this evening, but will try and record one this week to carry us until next monday.


Much love to you all!


Thank you for keeping this growing!



One thought on “Our First Group Meditation!

  1. Funny I had the same problem when I did my first phone conference meditation. Too many things to focus on and the recording was the thing that had to go. No doubt the process will smooth itself out as you do more of them. (at least that’s what I’m holding onto as I get ready for mine on Thursday)

    thanks for doing this service!

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