Poem flow, little raw… but, it is…what it is. :-)

Each day I wake up to the beauty of an every expanding moment, an ever-expanding opportunity to be part of this great big inhale…  we breath in moments of glory, let us exhale moment of love…. we breath in moments of pain… let us breath out moments of salvation… we breath in moments of loneliness… let us breath out oneness… ONE singular breath meditating to the heartbeat of the Earth, because even-though we’ve done so much to kill her, she’s still breathing, believing that one day we will change, believing in us, even when we’ve given up on each other…  The sun wakes up each morning just to kiss your cheeks, the sky sometimes cries because we forget how beautiful we are… and we are beautiful.  When you look in the mirror who do you see looking back at you… look beyond the flesh and the many broken things that litter our front yards… and sometimes it takes more than a coat of fresh paint for us to feel beautiful… but we are beautiful.  And if mother earth can keep carrying us on her back and father sun can keep kissing our cheeks… we have to believe that somewhere down the road, we will start believing in us to….

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