Spiritual ADD, You Betcha…

My spiritual journey is much like my life–joyfully chaotic with the occasional rainbow, and sometimes a pot of gold.  My life can really be summed up as an action of never letting my attention fall in one place for too long.  I often joke about having spiritual ADD, but the more I step back, the more I notice that it’s more of a reality.

My tattoos are a good sign: I have reiki symbols, Hindu chants, Buddhist chants, Ganesha, Jesus, Shiva symbols, a butterfly, a day of the dead skull, a heartagram, a pentagram, and well… the list goes on.  I wear my short attention span as a badge of honor.

I feel that if I stay in one place too long the dogmas might come up and bite me, grab hold and not let go.  I tend to float in on clouds that my head rarely comes out of, but I’m present enough to see the beauty that sometimes is lost.

I love a Christian jubilee just as much as I love attending a Pagan worship circle. I love sitting in a Quaker meeting just as much as I love listening to Atheist radio programs.  I think we don’t dip our toes in enough waters… but I rarely wait for the sharks to come nibbling.. before I’m off to the next adventure.

I pause long enough to let things sink in, but tend to do that on my terms.  I’m quick to play Devil’s advocate, even if I agree, just so that we can take it a little deeper.  We don’t question life enough, and life is about living the experience rather than hearing about it.

I have 10 books that I’m reading at any given moment, only to abandon all of those to listen to a great new harmonic frequency that will take me into the beyond that is just beyond the beyond…

My life is far from structured, but is free to fly in the moment of whatever God herself whispers in my ear.  She is like a kid painting my life a lot outside the lines and I’m okay with that.

Let go, and don’t worry so much.. let the shiny things distract you.  Read a thousand books that you’ll never finish.  Start a yoga class and finish it doing Pilates.



Ha, as I’m writing this.. I forgot where I was going, but its okay.. because we all made it here… to this moment.. together… right now…

and that..

is all…

that matters..


Mahayogi Das