Going Back to the Beginning: Fundamentals

To say that this month has been chaotic would be an understatement.  I’ve been witness to a lot of upheaval, lots of drama and lots of change.   We are also about to enter the “dark months” of the year, and introspective times are creeping up on many of us.  Many of us are hearing our souls call to move into greater states of awakening.  It’s important to find space, to breathe and to trust our process.

I am finding myself going back to basics, going back to the places where I first met the divine.

I can remember my grandmother telling us bible stories when we were young.  We would sing “Yes, Jesus love me” and I can remember her having us place our hands on the TV screen with the televagelists of the time.  My foundation is in Christianity.  I can still remember the first time that I saw someone speaking in tongues, and have always had a deep fascination for how spirit grabs us.

I find myself going back to the beginning.  Many turn an odd eye when I mention my love for my Christian path, and my deep love for it.  For me, its more than a religion, it’s family, it’s memories of when things were easier, it’s where I first met the divine on this road.  I just started reading Mark Townsend’s “Jesus Through Pagan Eyes”, and I’ll be posting a review on it soon.


I’m also going to devote another blog to my spirituality beginnings.   I’m hearing the call of my past, and I’m taking time to sit with it.  To open to my safe space, and to be more engaged in my process.

Where did you first meet the divine?


Spiritual ADD, You Betcha…

My spiritual journey is much like my life–joyfully chaotic with the occasional rainbow, and sometimes a pot of gold.  My life can really be summed up as an action of never letting my attention fall in one place for too long.  I often joke about having spiritual ADD, but the more I step back, the more I notice that it’s more of a reality.

My tattoos are a good sign: I have reiki symbols, Hindu chants, Buddhist chants, Ganesha, Jesus, Shiva symbols, a butterfly, a day of the dead skull, a heartagram, a pentagram, and well… the list goes on.  I wear my short attention span as a badge of honor.

I feel that if I stay in one place too long the dogmas might come up and bite me, grab hold and not let go.  I tend to float in on clouds that my head rarely comes out of, but I’m present enough to see the beauty that sometimes is lost.

I love a Christian jubilee just as much as I love attending a Pagan worship circle. I love sitting in a Quaker meeting just as much as I love listening to Atheist radio programs.  I think we don’t dip our toes in enough waters… but I rarely wait for the sharks to come nibbling.. before I’m off to the next adventure.

I pause long enough to let things sink in, but tend to do that on my terms.  I’m quick to play Devil’s advocate, even if I agree, just so that we can take it a little deeper.  We don’t question life enough, and life is about living the experience rather than hearing about it.

I have 10 books that I’m reading at any given moment, only to abandon all of those to listen to a great new harmonic frequency that will take me into the beyond that is just beyond the beyond…

My life is far from structured, but is free to fly in the moment of whatever God herself whispers in my ear.  She is like a kid painting my life a lot outside the lines and I’m okay with that.

Let go, and don’t worry so much.. let the shiny things distract you.  Read a thousand books that you’ll never finish.  Start a yoga class and finish it doing Pilates.



Ha, as I’m writing this.. I forgot where I was going, but its okay.. because we all made it here… to this moment.. together… right now…

and that..

is all…

that matters..


Mahayogi Das




Intentional Breathing: Creating Sacred Space

According to a world population data 108 people die every minute.  We never know when we will say our final prayer, that deep exhale.  These numbers also remind me of how often so many of us take for granted the fact that we are breathing.  When life gets chaotic we hold or breath.  We forget that it is the breath that helps things to move.  We have to remember to breathe.

Intentional breathing helps us to make each breath count.  To go into a place of purpose with each inhalation and each exhalation.  When we connect into this space of intention we invite spirit into that moment with us.  We “bring in” something that we might be missing, and create space for clarity, connection, and movement.

So, here is an easy process that will help you to start a process of intentional breathing:

1)  Pick a word, a concept, or something positive that you want to bring into your experience. (love, hope, peace, joy, connection, compassion)

2)  Bring that word into your mind’s eye.  Focus on it, begin to feel it move through you.

3) Take a deep in-breath.  Breathe that word into every fabric of your being.

4) Exhale and create space for the next breath, create space for the intention to become reality.

5) Keep this process going.  The pause throughout the day and re-connect into this space of intention.


Where do you hold your breath?   When do you feel that you need movement?  What do you feel you need in your experience that you are lacking?


Mahayogi Das





Upheaval: Cycles of love and chaos

Chaos seems to be a constant in our time.  We are feeling the energy shifting around us with more frequency.  The earth and the universe that surround us are in constant change.  We are feeling the frequencies of both love and chaos enter into our lives.  We have to be sure that we are preparing ourselves for the cycles ahead.

Welcome to 2012.

I am not going to talk about the doomsday events, nor am I going to talk about the coming wave of light beings, and we will be sure not to talk about the mother ships lovingly circling the earth, but we have to admit this has been an interesting year.

2012 is what I like to call the year of expectation.  It’s a very powerful and spiritual time, and as a global society we have energized it with a vibration of spiritual change.   For better or worse, we are all “expecting” that something or even nothing will happen.  Within the “something-ness” and “nothingness” of this year are a multitude of layers.  Poles are shifting, the weather has been intense, violence has been on an increase, and mother Gaia is shrugging her shoulders.

As new energy comes in, old energy goes out.  Dimensional energies are also merging.  We are in 3rd dimensional density.  This is our tangible reality.  Just beyond us is the place where thought becomes manifest.  One of the theories is that as 4th and 5th dimensional energies begin to merge with our more dense reality we will see thought become reality in an instant.  Many of us are feeling the pushing sensation, the call to do something greater than what is right in front of us…and many of us are taking to the call.  For others, this call is bringing conflict.  Trust is not something we do well with in this density, but it is a big part of the spiritual process.  Trust that when you take that step out into the world, that the universe is going to be there.  Just as when you inhale, we seldom guess if the air is going to fill our lungs… it just does.

Love and chaos are beautiful dancers.  In Chinese philosophy it is thought that through chaos all creativity is born.  We are creating new realities constantly.  Each breath is an action of dying, and then being reborn.  We have to learn to trust the breath.  Breath is movement, breath is action, breath is compassion, breath is life.  We in essence are the breath, and everything in the universe breathes.  It’s important to pay attention to your breath daily.  Notice if you are holding it in, or forgetting to inhale.  Are your exhales shallow?  The breath is what will help us get through the upheaval.  As it moves, so do we.  Every try to run a marathon holding your breath?  It’s not possible.

Showing up to the experiences is also a tough thing for a lot of us to do.  I know there are times I would much rather watch a delicious movie on netflix, but avoiding things in our life do not make them go away, it only gives them momentary space, and at times this actually waters things weeds we might not want in our garden.  Showing up is also defined as taking responsibility, accountability, and acceptance of what is right in front of us.  Showing up is also loving those sometimes broken pieces, the struggle, and the upheaval itself.  Yes, love your upheaval.  Love it so fully and unconditionally that it becomes something that aligns you instead of something that binds you.

Love and chaos.  Both beautiful.

Breathe, trust yourself unconditionally, and show up.



Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT