Pagan Blog Project 2012: “C”– Channeling

Channeling is a fun and sometimes misunderstood aspect of spiritual connection. Channeling is something that we all do. It is moving energy through us for purpose of utilizing divine connection. There are different forms and levels of channeling, and for this post I am going to focus on what I can direct and indirect channeling. Direct channeling is where you step aside and allow spirit or “entity” to speak directly through you. This style of channeling takes a lot of practice and you have to be fully connected through a place of trust with your guides, guardians and angels. This form is also called trance channeling. Edgar Cayce who channeled his higher self, Jane Roberts of the Seth series and more recently Ester Hicks are some of the more famous channelists that have used trance/direct channeling. Some of you might be thinking “No way am I letting something take over my body to speak through me!”, and that is a totally understandable reaction. I personally have done direct channeling and it does take a lot of work to get settled into being in that high vibration place. We have to use caution when stepping into this energy.  We want to be sure we are grounded in deep protective work.  Any time we are opening ourselves up and handing over control, you want to be sure that your natural system of protection is in place.  This can be affirmations, prayers, or any method your tradition offers for shielding and protecting from low vibration energies.  Direct channeling is not only letting entity move through you.  When we engage in energy healing we are also channeling the energy through us and into the treatment.  We facilitate the connection to the energy and allow it to move through us.  The difference in healing is that we are usually more present during the experience than in letting entity move through you fully.  Here are some examples of channelists at work:

Jane Roberts and Seth:

Ester Hicks and Abraham:

Most often times when the channelist is “in entity” their voices might change, they may take on different characteristics, and their physical appearance might change.  These are just a few examples.  There are a lot of great books, and groups that focus on channeling.  One of my favorites is “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman this was one of the first books that really helped to connect me into this sacred space of connection.

Indirect channeling is more of a telepathic connection.  We allow a connection to our guides, angels, guardians, and even earth-bound spirits.  This is typically the style of connection you will see many mediums use to relay information.  There is more barrier between the person relaying the information and the energy delivering the information.  This is also typically what happens in a reading.  Whether it be tarot cards, guides, or intuition when we are relaying the information we are channeling that aspect in and connecting to a higher dimension of the energy.  This is the most common form of connection, but not many call this “channeling” but in essence this is what indirect relay of information is.  We are opening ourselves to inspiration, insight, and intuition.

Channeling in its many forms is a fun way to connect into divine space. Explore and look into channeling.  I have always found a channelists connection and how they came into contact with their guides fascinating.  Explore the ones I listed above and enjoy your own process of connection.

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT