PBP2012: “D”- Demons and Demonic Energies

The demonic take many shapes in the media.  Ghost hunting shows consider “demonic” a rare treasure, movies use them to glorify the battle between good and evil, and we jump from floor to bed to keep them from eating our toes.  As a psychic/medium the demonic is one area I get asked about frequently.  We won’t go into every theory regarding demonic energy as we could fill pages and pages of blog space so I am going to narrow it down to my own personal encounters and workings with this energy.

What I have found are 3 very distinct forms of what I would call “demonic”.

-Divine Demonic

-Thought forms and Negative Energy

-Personal Demons

The divine demonic are the ones that we would consider the fallen.  They are the ones the church prescribe as the legion that follow Satan/Lucifer.  What I have found in my own encounters with dark energy are that these beings are seldom the ones that are present.  These energies have a purpose.  There is a lesson that they are bringing.  Many of the saints were tormented by the divine demonic and it was through that torment that they found their divinity.  Christ was tempted by Satan, etc.  They are the lesson bringer.  We are usually given several chances to make the right decision before we are given the lesson.  You are headed down a road and you feel you should turn around.  You see signs that tell you turn around (a song on the radio,etc), you physically have a reaction that makes you feel like turning around–finally they lesson is brought to you in the form of a car crash.  You were given chances by the divine to step away, and by being willful the lesson landed in your lap.  There is an energy that lines up that “lesson experience”.  These energies are very ancient and very powerful.  They usually do not step into all of our everyday experiences.  This of course is just a very basic touch on the divine demonic.  One of the theories that I particularly like is one the Catholic Church uses, “The devil cannot act upon you without first having permission from God.” So, this plays into the lesson bringer role.  Trust your intuition, listen deeply and trust.  Exorcism can be a way of moving these energies out of a situation, but sometimes just learning the lesson before we get to the point of full manifestation can also be valuable.

Thought forms and Negative Vibrations:  Anger, fear, guilt are examples of negative vibrations.  We can very easily create energy external from our physical bodies.  We can manifest experiences that are not favorable, and when we begin to externalize the blame we can manifest a darker energy.  When we push things outside of us that energy does not just vanish.   It can begin to manifest into “something”.  The danger here is that often we jump straight from the word “energy” to “demon”.  I like to invoke the “Ghostbusters” approach to this.  When the energy is present it needs a form.  When we jump directly to the big bad because that is what WE need to blame, then it will become such.  Here is a loose example.  We are constantly late.  Everything seems to happen to keep us from being on time.  We begin to externalize blame.  It must be something making me late.  Then we begin the process of manifesting an energy to take responsibility for our tardiness.  This energy is more common, and can take many shapes and forms.  The idea is to not allow it to go beyond the initial stages of just energy.  It is easier to cleanse an “energy” than it is to cleanse a “demon”.  We have to use caution with what we assume an energetic form is taking.

Personal Demons:  These are the personal horrors we create ourselves.  The boxes we lock ourselves in, and I’ve seen these often in persons working through addiction.  These cannot be exorcised or thought away.  These have to be reintegrated into the self.  When we begin to invite substance or distraction into our lives, even those energies can take shape.  Deep attachment begins to grow, and in some cases communication to the higher self is suppressed.  This is a difficult energy to work with.  It requires the individual to be present fully in the experience and to own those aspects.  This is not something that is impossible.  It requires surrender, love and connection.  Attachment to things that harm us are dangerous, and can easily sneak into our lives.  Food addiction, drug addiction, caffeine addiction are a few examples.  When we remove the substance we even become physically ill, which sometimes drives us right back to the substance we are trying to run from.

So, I can go deeper into this fascinating area of  metaphysics, but I just really wanted to give you a brief overview of what my personal encounters have been.   The more we learn, the more we are able to eliminate fear when we are faced with it.

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT