Journey into spirit

bibleA lot has been evolving in my life.  Each day brings moments of connection, opportunities to grow, and possibility.  Humanity is in a phase of cleansing.  Our tests are becoming more tangible, and we are being given chances to step into greater moments of grace.

For me, this is a great time to go back to my foundations, my roots, and the earlier moments that I met spirit along the road to here.   Introspection and contemplation are important parts of my spiritual practice.  Taking a look at where I am, finding appreciation and then looking at the doors that are opening up keep me moving.  Intuition comes in and helps me to discern the path, the door, and the experience.   This also causes me to look at the things that I am giving energy to, so that I can see what needs to evolve.

One thing that has been coming up for me over the past few weeks is a focus on my Christian roots.   The Bible in particular has really grabbed my attention and my focus.  I can remember sitting with my Grandmother and hearing the stories she would share from the bible, and it was in those moments that spirit came into presence.  I am going back to this book, and am going to take time to go through it, to read it, to make my own commentary on the text.  I am going to do this with a variety of sacred texts, but for now I am giving my attention to this book.  I know that many have their issues with Christianity and with the Bible in particular, and the beauty of the spiritual experience is that we are all able to take what we need from the spiritual experience and run with it.  I’ll post here some of the encounters I have during this period.  I think it is important to go back to our foundation, to keep it strong, and to grow anew from the nuggets we find buried.  Life has been interesting, and I’ll be posting some of my personal experiences via this blog as well as articles/channeling/and videos.

My personal spiritual practice and what I am offering to clients is also changing and evolving.  I am also planning lots of travel in the coming years, and am putting the manifesting practices to the test in making all of this a reality.