Breathing life into life

Today I made the big decision to step away from my social medial platforms. I’m not an influencer by any means, but I feel that the influence being exerted on me by those platforms was bordering on unhealthy. I recently told one of my yoga students, “The only reason I’m still on social media is for work, otherwise I wouldn’t be on at all.” My intuition grabbed me and asked, “Do you really need it for work?’

Over the years I’ve wrestled with the idea that I have to be online to promote myself. When I first started the blog years ago, it was all that I had. Social media wasn’t as pervasive, and I was able to connect with most of my clients and students through actual interactions. We had conversations over coffee, we met up for walk and talks about life, we had poetry jams. Life’s connections where richer, deeper, and nourishing. The recent push from the pandemic to move more online was necessary, and I’m happy that we have that space to do the work we need to do. I heard in a podcast earlier this week that building your business on social media is building it on rented space, space that you don’t truly own.

So, I’m back, I’m going to be writing more, reading more, and sharing my experiences here regarding this journey into a social media free life. I don’t want to be on my death bed remembering how much scrolling I’ve done in this life. Not sure what will evolve out of this journey, but I’m excited to see what happens, and what grows from this soil.