PBP2012: M is for Micro Meditations

I love meditation.  There is something beautiful about the sacredness of coming into that deep place of being.  When we are finally able to become still enough to align breath, intention and will.  Where we meditate can play into when we can meditate.  For many of us that are engaged in a spiritual journey we may have altar or sacred spaces we have designated as our meditation area.

If you are like me, you are most likely feeling this hectic energy that is pushing us in a multitude of directions.  Many of us are being called to service, and many others are finding their lives in the midst of chaotic energy.  I look towards my meditation corner longingly, but I at times neglect making time to  devote to sitting in front of my altar… What’s a busy mystic to do?

We have to find time to meditate in the moment.  I find that sacred space is constantly around me if I allow myself to tune into it.  Creating space in the moment is also important in allowing spirit/intuition/and inner guidance to step in.

These micro meditations can last a single breath or they can last several moments.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate, but we have to be able to let go of some greater prescription of what meditation has to be.  If you are not able to meditate for one breath, then how do you expect to be able to make that hour-long meditation work later in the day.  Meditation usually ends up on the cutting room floor at the end of a hectic day.

However, if you are adding micro meditations in throughout the day, you are allowing full integration of your practice and life experience.  We have to carve out those moments, otherwise many of us take on a bit of regret for not finding the time to meditate.

Take a look at your day.  When would you be able to squeeze in meditation?  Be creative.  I like using the crosswalks on the way home from work.  When the light is red and I am waiting, I tune fully into my breath.  I allow my mind to become still, and I focus on how red the “do not walk” sign is.  Once it changes I continue my journey home.

Share your micro meditations experiences  or ideas below!

Michael A Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT