PBP2012: H is for– Healer Heal Thyself

What a crazy year this has been.  It seems that time is moving quicker than ever.  Mother Earth is waking up as well, and there has been a lot of  global upheaval.  As individuals engaged in spiritual practice, it is more important that ever for us to ground deeply into our individual healing craft.  It tends to be an area that many of us forget to engage in, and on a deeper level, we tend to treat ourselves last.   We must first treat ourselves to deep healing daily.  If you already have a healing practice (Reiki, etc) be sure that you are giving yourself time to go into places of healing, rest, and re-connection with your divine self.  If you do not have a healing practice, then it is time to start one.   The basis for healing is cleansing, trusting your connection to the light, and bringing that energy through you.  Allowing for this daily, even for just a few moments a day will help you to enter not only your day, but your spiritual practice with greater clarity.

The next step is to begin extending that healing to the world, and the Earth around us.  When is the last time you gave Reiki to a tree?   Many of us spend a lot of time trapped in the land of technology.  Spirituality is all of around us, and in times of loss we as healers need to extend that out into all of creation.  If you are watching TV, and you see a tragedy, send healing love and light.  We must be of service at every moment possible.  When we heal the world around us, we also heal.  We are all connected through that vibration, and what has an impact on one, has an impact on all.

With oneness in mind, it is even more important to take time for personal healing.  If we are sick, it becomes hard for us to connect to those around us that are counting on us.   If you already have a healing practice, reasearch others.  It never hurts to have extra tools in the tool belt.  If you practice and study Reiki, look up things on Quantum Healing.  It does not mean you are trading one out for another, but each has its strengths and one practice might be more accessible than another depending on the situation.

So, I leave you with this… What would it be like to give healing, energy, and light directly to God Herself?

Michael A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT