Making Stone Allies By: David Salisbury

Making Stone Allies

Michael and I have been delving deeper together into the wonderful world of stone energy work. I’ve been a big fan of herbcraft for years as my personal expertise, but something has been calling me to expand, and make new friends from within the natural world. Energetically, stones work much in the same way plants do. Carrying the stone creates changes in your energy field (aura) that are associated with the properties of the stone carried. Further, you can “program” a stone with a specific goal or intent to add an extra kick to your work. When working with the stones, you’ll find that the longer you work with specific ones, the more potent the power is that they lend you. Here are some of the stones that I’ve been getting to know in my own personal practice lately:

Lapis Lazuli- In my work with The Goddess, this stone really helps me connect. In the myth of the descent of Inanna to the Underworld, Inanna had to give up her lapis jewelry (among other things) to gain passage to learn the mysteries of death. Lapis helps deepen the connection with the hidden world of the deep earth mysteries and the feminine divine.

Labradorite- A ‘higher consciousness” stone that expands our understanding of “the bigger picture”. I use this stone for ascension magick and work with contacting higher beings on both the etheric planes and the angelic realms.

Aquamarine- A lovely seafoam color stone that embodies all the aspects of the water element: love, compassion, understanding, healing, and intuition. Sacred to Venus, who was born from the seafoam washed ashore. The physical embodiment of beauty and grace. I charged this stone with blessed holy water, rolled in natural sea salt.

Onyx- Deep black, like the eyes of the fierce Crone Goddess. Onyx is extremely protective and is related to the primal survival instinct in the human body. I recently made a necklace of onyx beads, which I feel has strengthened the protective layer of my field. Onyx is a “return to sender” material and ensures that any ill will sent to you will be deflected back from whence it came. Charge your Onyx on the dark moon (tomorrow, April 13th) for maximum potency.

Clear Quartz- Probably the most popular stone for many years now. This is an all purpose stone that can be used the amplify the energies of any stone around it. I have a large clear quartz on the center of my altar to help me focus and direct energy with laser-like precision. Though I think you can charge this crystal anywhere, I find it most potent to leave it sitting in direct sunlight outside, which cleanses and charges it at the same time.

Rose Quartz- Michael and I exchanged heart-shaped rose quartz’ on Valentines Day. The Lovers Stone, brings understanding to couples and strengthens bonds. It also helps open the heart chakra to self-love and the love of divine beings.

Those are just a few, and I look forward to developing deeper relationships with my new stone allies. Soon I’ll start adding them in with my herbal charms, and we’ll really get the party going!

2 thoughts on “Making Stone Allies By: David Salisbury

  1. David, Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve studied stones a little, but you simplify it nicely and place the stones in a wonderful perspective for pagan use.

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