Transitions and New Beginnings

A lot of new things have been happening in my life since first starting this blog.  I’ve had a chance to ride the waves of change, a lot. These waves have sometimes been more rocky than others, but I’ve learned so much along the way.

I moved back into teaching and practicing fitness. I’ve rededicated my life to this journey in profound ways.  I love teaching group fitness. I love being able to inspire others through the path of fitness, and I in turn have been so deeply inspired by so many people.

Most of this site has been devoted to spiritual study.  My spiritual journey has been a diverse one, and continues to be so.  What I’m finding in my own life is to look at how all parts of my experience intersect, collide and fall apart. Im finding this new path is calling me to do deeper work towards integration.

Fitness and spirituality meet in very unique ways, and I’m planning on using this space to explore those intersections, share tools to help you experience this sense of integration, and to create a place for us to connect and create community.

I’m excited for the road ahead.  I am also offering new services, so be sure to check out the services page for information and to schedule a session.  I’ll also be updating my website: with all the new details.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!