Why Study Demonology?

MWVK7“Why study demonology?” is a question I get asked frequently, so I thought I would take a moment to describe my personal reasons for devoting time and energy to the study of the demonic in their many forms.

And before I begin, here is the disclaimer:

These are my personal views, and I am not here to debate them… and no one persona has all the answers (myself included).

I have personally always had an interest in all sides of spirituality.  When I am told that I should stay as far away from Lucifer as possible because of x,y, or z.. my natural curiosity gets piqued and I want to understand why I am to stay away from this being or entity.  I also want to understand what their purpose is, and why they exist.  If there is a reason for everything, what is their reason/purpose?   Some will immediately jump into long diatribes as to the evil the demonic present, but I do not feel that it is that simple.  We are also seeing an influx in interest due to a growing amount of movies, tv programs, books and this interest generates energy towards the creation of new myths, ideas and gives life to these forms.

The study of demonology is not for everyone.  One of the cautions with studying this field is that we do on some level open ourselves up to their energy when we venture down the road of study.  As we study them, they study us.  Having appropriate shielding, psychic protection work, and daily cleansing is recommend.  We have to approach this type of study with respect, and my personal goal is not to prove or disprove existence, but to understand why they exist.  Different cultures will describe the purpose of these beings in different ways, seeing the common threads that run through culture/religion/and society help us to paint a much fuller picture of who and what they are.

As an intuitive consultant it is also my job to be able to help people where they are on their path.  Sometimes the roads we are on brings us into contact with the beings and the more I know the more of service I can be to those in need.  I’ve had to perform exorcism, banishment/clearing

rituals, cleansing, and blessings for clients.  Understanding the layers of the spiritual onion that we need to move through together help us to see more clearly all the moving pieces.  This helps us to engage in discernment, which in turn helps us to reduce fear in these situations.

There are not many people who would venture into the dark.  It requires a special understanding of self, but also and openness and respect for what you might find along the way.  I’ve seen some pretty terrifying things in my studies, but have also had my perceptions and personal beliefs shifted because of what I have learned on this road.  I am currently working on a book about demonology, and will be doing a series of posts over the next couple of weeks on my personal beliefs, theories, and understanding.

If you have had a demonic or diabolic experience and want to share your story with me feel free to contact me via the contact form below.

If you are currently experiencing a haunting/unexplained paranormal or spiritual situation we can set up a consultation to gain perspective.


ModernDistractionsCOMICWe live in a fast paced world.  It seems that the more advanced we become the less time we have.  There are so many things around us constantly calling for our attention, and it can be a bit hard to keep up.

Distractions can come in many forms, and at times we allow our distractions to become limitation.  When we give energy to one thing, we are choosing not to give energy to something else.

How much time do you spend on facebook a day?  Do you spend an equal amount of time making actual friends, new connections?  Instead of spending time in Farmville, go out to a farm and actually engage the earth.

Identifying our distractions can be easy, changing the patterns that keep us bound to them can take a bit more work.  If you do not currently keep a journal, I suggest you start one sooner than later.  One way to see where you are surrendering time is to keep a log of how long you spend in meditation, on the computer, working, reading, etc.  Keeping a time log is much like keeping a calorie log.  Until you know where your calories are coming from it is difficult to balance your diet.

One thing that I also encourage is setting spiritual goals.  What is it that you want to create, do, or experience spiritually?  Giving yourself things to work towards allows you the ability to move, but it also allows you to better identify the distractions along the road.  An example of distraction impeding spiritual practice is often seen in mediation.  We decide we want to meditate.  Then we have to go out and buy the meditation books, cushions, just the right meditation music, and all the while we could just start meditating.  Now, I understand it is important to expand knowledge, to get fun tools to assist in our practice, but if the search for “just the right” tools is keeping us from starting our practice, then it becomes a distraction.

Being able to take conscious steps to engage our distractions, moving away from things that are limiting you.  Decide on a place to move towards, and then start moving.

What are your distractions?

What keeps you from showing up to your practice?  What can you do to remove those limitations?

You are loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine